Real Patient Ratings

As part of your consultation at the Plastic Surgery Centre, we will provide information on relevant client experiences and results while respecting those clients’ privacy and confidentiality. This information will include photography and real patient ratings on transformations and post surgical experiences. For privacy and confidentiality reasons, we can only provide this information as part of a consultation. Please contact us via email or phone and arrange your consultation at the Plastic Surgery Centre. One example is provided below.

“I would like to thank you for the wonderful consultation, procedure and client care I was given during my procedure. Dr. Waslen was very informative and I appreciated that he took the time to explain to me his reasoning for suggesting certain procedures. I feel he was a skilled surgeon as well as artistic which I feel is extremely important in this industry. Thank you to all the staff as well that took such great care of me before and after my procedure.”

Plastic Surgery Centre Client